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Wrap Bracelet
Sharon R.

I just received mine with 12 pearls - WOW. It is so pretty and the pairing of pearls was done so well. Thank you thank you!

I enjoy shopping for pearls. I like they open up oyster shells and reveal the pearl.

Absolutely gorgeous!

These pearls are stunningly gorgeous! The folks at TPD were very quick to respond to my inquiries. They followed my requests perfectly! SO HAPPY TO HAVE THESE BEAUTIFUL GEMS.

Shell Threaded Necklace

I love the sea and with my shell threaded necklace surrounded by two pears on each side is an absolute delight. I am thoroughly enjoying my necklace.


Awesome and will order again .

Bargain Cave - Triangle Necklace
Amber C.
So, in love!!

I bought the Metal Triangle Pendant Necklace with Pearl. Its absolutely beautiful in person! the Picture did not do it justice!!

Lots of Fun!

I was so excited watching pearls being opened that I knew were going to be mine. I even got a set of twins! Had earrings made from my twins, a necklace with my three Edison pearls, and a beautiful necklace with the remaining eleven pearls. I ordered jewelry afterwards, and gave instructions, and the jewelry came just as I had asked, and the communication with the team is excellent! I can’t wait to do it again. Thank you for a wonderful experience!❣️

Crystal Bead Threaded Necklace

Edison Pearls

I love the necklace I had made with my three Edison Pearls. I was wondering if there is a ring available for Edison pearls. Or would like to see more jewelry for them available please, thanks!

NZer with pearl

Hi pearldudes. Yes it was exciting to see my pearl being revealed and saying it was for me. I am really happy with it and want to get another one very soon.. Love it. Angela

Heart Charm Bangle Bracelet
Valerie C.
Pearl of Great Price a.k.a. BOGO

Pearl of great price a.k.a. BOGO
I totally enjoyed watching the reveal. I took advantage of the BOGO and hope they do it again soon. I had my 4 pearls mounted on the heart bracelet and its beautiful. Reveal pearls will be a fun, unique gift to give to friends and family. I would really like a jewelry option for men...yes, pearl rings for men are a thing.
I received quick email responses from Pearl Dude. Informative notices throughout the whole purchase and mailing process and received my jewelry quickly. It was a fun no stess experience and I will be purchasing from them again and recommend Pearl Dude as your next unique gift giving idea.

Gift for a Breast Cancer Patient

The Pink Ribbon Necklace with the perfect deep rose pink pearl is so beautiful! This is for someone dear to me and this is the best way to honor her. Bargain Cave you have the most amazing pearls in the most gorgeous settings.

Christmas in July, love it!

I can't wait to give the Santa hat to my sister at Christmastime. Pretty little green pearl, sweet design, lovely, delicate box chain. It's both beatiful and whimsical. She's going to love it.

I Love My Pearls!

Everyday since receiving my pearls set in jewelry that I selected, I have so enjoyed them. I love the quality of the pearls and their great beauty! I am very happy and have already purchased more oysters to give gifts and share the beauty of these pearls with others. Thanks to the Pearl Dude channel for providing such quality pearls.

Crystal Bead Threaded Necklace

Edison night blue

Just one word, stunning❤️

Edison Pearl Necklaces

We have brought pearls from here several times over the past couple of years. We live internationally and have been delighted with them all. Great service, and the pearls are stunning. The latest Edison Pearls were birthday gifts for my daughters, whom are totally loving them, along with the earlier standard pearl we purchased. Great place and love the 'pearl openings'.

Edison pearl necklace

I love mine and wear it all the time. I’ve bought a couple from my daughters
They so happy with theirs. I plan to buy more in the future
Jean W

Drop Necklace
Tabatha B.
Beautiful Pearl Drop Necklace!

My first Edison pearl looks lovely set on the end of this elegant necklace. Love it!

Loved my pearls!

Rare Green Edison pearl!!!!!

We were very lucky to receive a rare Green Edison Pearl!!!!! It is STUNNING!!!!!! Thank you for everything y'all have been doing incredible work since 2016! My mom bought me my first pearl then and I'm still purchasing them.

Obsessed!!! This necklace is so durable.

I purchased this necklace over 3 years ago and I have worn it everyday since. This thing has been through the wringer (workouts, slept in every night, work) I never take this necklace off. It took up until two weeks ago that the chain finally gave out (no hate at all here). The quality of both the chain and the pearl is outstanding. Without a doubt the strongest yet most delicate piece of jewelry I own. I highly recommend! (And of course I made sure I bought another when mine broke)

Dude necklace

Came out beautiful

Loved the pearls

It took some time for the pearls to get to Netherlands but it was worth it. Love the pearls and I am contemplating what I will do with them. 😄


I purchased two and had them put each one on a silver necklace. They were for my two daughters
They Absolutely love them. I’ll most likely purchased more of this type of pearl soon