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Edison Pearls

I absolutely love the Edison pearls! I have purchased many standard pearls and jewelry that I am so very happy with too!

Edison Pearls

The pearls are gorgeous! I loved watching the reveal, I got two colors I wanted. Very dark blue, almost black and a light lavender. Thank you!! I love your chanel.

Edison pearl and cage

Love my order. So glad I got a color other than Pinky/purple. Last 4 I bought are all the same

Beautiful pearls

I love my pearls

Beautiful pearls

Both pearls were beautiful. Loved watching the reveal, so fun.

😍 It is so unique!
The conch shell with the pearl is so different. Usually, most shell necklaces are cowrie or scallop shells. I have been waiting for something unique, and the conchshell necklace did the trick! Thanks! 😊

Edison Pearl Mount

Your Edison pearl mounts are nicely done. Thank you for bringing these beautiful pearls for us to enjoy!

Sparkle and Simplicity Necklace

The necklace title says it all. This necklace showcases your Edison pearl with a little bit of sparkle. I have several of these necklaces and enjoy the beauty of the pearl with a bit of sparkle. If you like bling, and you love pearls, this simple necklace is a winning combination. I highly recommend this Edison pearl necklace.

Sunflower Necklace

So perfect and so beautiful, thank you! 🤍

Pearl Cross Necklace

My necklace is so beautiful. I will definitely be wearing it everywhere.

Hammered Round Earrings

These earrings are gorgeous! I love them 💗

Love Those Edison’s

It is truly a joy to watch the pearl reveals! I’m so glad I found you on YouTube! You guys are great!

Beautiful necklace that shows off all my new pearls! Recommend this necklace to anyone that wants to show off their pearls.

Love the pearls I got sent, they are so beautiful!

Simplicity Necklace & Edison Pearl Reveal

Absolutely lovely! My mom loved getting to watch them open up her oysters on YouTube and the pearls were absolutely gorgeous, i could never have hoped for better

Heart Cage Necklace
Absolute beautiful

I bought this over Christmas as the open at home gift set. I gave it to my 8 1/2 yr old niece and she absolutely LOVED it. My sister, brother in law and niece all took part in opening it and my niece got a cranberry pearl. I was afraid the 18in chain would be too long but it's perfect actually.
I hope you offer more of these open at home gifts.

Open at Home Gift Pack Edison Pearl

Arrived in great condition, ready for the reveal on Christmas Eve

Everything came in pretty fast, and the quality is very good. Can't wait to give my family their gifts.

Great pearls, Great reveal, Great delivery service. Pearl Dude is just great.

Wrap Bracelet
Sharon R.

I just received mine with 12 pearls - WOW. It is so pretty and the pairing of pearls was done so well. Thank you thank you!

I enjoy shopping for pearls. I like they open up oyster shells and reveal the pearl.

More beautiful than I could have imagined! These were part of a gift for my mom's 73rd birthday and was in awe when she opened them. The matching necklace was just as big of a hit. Needless to say they were one of her favorite gifts. Thank you Shannon & Jeff!

Absolutely STUNNING!!

Absolutely gorgeous!

These pearls are stunningly gorgeous! The folks at TPD were very quick to respond to my inquiries. They followed my requests perfectly! SO HAPPY TO HAVE THESE BEAUTIFUL GEMS.

Great price point for pearl reveals. Love watching even when I don’t place an order.